Finncon 2022 aims to be a safe and easy convention for everyone.

These general accessibility measures will benefit everyone:

  • All programme-designated rooms have designated priority seating, both in the front and the back.
  • The information desk can be reached through WhatsApp (+358 44 946 2860).

In addition, we welcome people to come and get acquainted with the venue on Friday 8 July at 10:00. For details, see the section below.

Sensory defensiveness and mental support

In order to help people with sensory and mental support needs, we have implemented the following measures:

  • The information desk has ear plugs available.
  • Our Code of Conduct, which will guarantee attendee safety, will be made clearly visible. We will also inform people about it separately.


  • Smoking is restricted to a designated area outside the Z entrance.
  • The use of hairspray and scented products is not allowed inside toilet facilities.
  • The Green Room does not serve fish, citrus fruit, or nuts.


All indoor spaces are wheelchair-accessible.

The following measures have been implemented to further support mobility needs:

  • Signs and instructions are used to make sure pathways are kept clear of obstructions and people.
  • Rooms have spaces for wheelchairs.
  • Hallways have seating.

Visual accommodations

In addition to the wide walkways and the seating arrangements, the following measures are taken to ensure our attendees have adequate visual system support:

  • Special attention has been given to the font sizes and colors of printed materials and signage.
  • Passages will be kept clear in order to accommodate white cane users.

Hearing support

In addition to ear plugs, programme room seats, and WhatsApp, we offer the following:

  • Every programme room is equipped with microphones.
  • The biggest rooms use a hearing loop.


We have tried to arrange toilets in such a way that all those with specialized needs, be it related to disability, illness, or gender representation, may feel at ease. We expect all our attendees to be respectful and mindful of others. Should problems occur, please contact the information desk.

The following measures are in place:

  • The toilet facilities are clearly marked and categorised into unisex, accessible, men’s, and/or women’s toilets.
  • Attendees may ask for a toilet pass from the information desk; we won’t ask you to provide a reason. In an emergency, you can use the toilet pass to get past any lines. We trust our attendees to act with integrity and flexibility in such situations.

Check out the venue beforehand!

We want to make sure that Finncon is a safe and enjoyable event for all our attendees. This is why we are arranging an opportunity to get acquainted with the convention venue in Kandidaattikeskus, before the event opens to the public, on Friday, 8 July, starting at 10:00. Meet in the main lobby.

Finncon representatives will be present to answer any questions from the convention’s perspective, and introduce the spaces that will be used for the convention. We will also accept last-minute feedback and ideas. We welcome you with open arms.

We encourage you to come if you feel like familiarizing yourself with the venue in advance will improve your convention experience. Come by yourself, or send a representative to see what the venue looks like and where everything is, and to check whether your electric wheelchair will fit through all the passages.

Kandidaattikeskus (Otakaari 1, Espoo) is open from 7:45 to 15:30 on business days, so it is also possible to come and see the lobby area during regular business hours.