The basics

Finncon is the largest science fiction convention in Finland, and it takes place almost every year. The first one was in 1986. The event has always been free for all.

Finncon 2022 takes place in Espoo at Aalto University, in its Kandidaattikeskus building. Espoo is the second largest city in Finland, and to its east, adjoins the capital city of Helsinki. The convention venue is easily accessible via public transport (see section Travel below).

Guests of honour are Marianna LeikomaaMalka OlderMagdalena Hai, and Marko Hautala.

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General information

  • Remember to drink regularly and stay hydrated during the convention.
  • Be mindful of others and keep lanes and hallways clear.
  • Avoid using strong perfumes and scented products.
  • Be tidy and dispose of any trash using trash containers at the venue.
  • Do not put anything on the walls without asking permission from the information desk. The building is designed by Alvar Aalto, so there are limits to where things can be attached to the walls.
  • Smoking is allowed only at the designated smoking area near entrance Z.

Convention opening hours

  • Friday 16:00–20:00
  • Saturday 10:00–20:00
  • Sunday 10:00–15:30

In addition, the Otaniemi library (Tietotie 6) is open on Saturday (12:00–18:00) and Sunday (10:00–16:00).

Supporting memberships

Even though Finncon is a free event, attendees may support the event by purchasing a supporting membership. The cost is 25€ and provides you with the benefits listed below. You can purchase one from the information desk, or at the Holvi website at

The benefits of a supporting membership:

  • A badge with your chosen name.
  • A 5 € discount from the price of the convention T-shirt.
  • A discount on the entrance fee of the evening party.
  • The eternal gratitude of the organizers.

You can pick up your badge at the information desk.

The venue

For a map of the two floors the convention takes place in, see page Tilakartta.

Information desk

The information desk is located near the center of the downstairs lobby, attached to the cloakroom. It can also be reached via phone or WhatsApp (+358 44 946 2860).

In the downstairs lobby, you can also find the artist alley, the book vendors, and the sci-fi flea market. In the hallway leading up to halls D and E you will find the memorial exhibit for Jukka Murtosaari. The hallway also has a doorway to the courtyard.

Nursery room

On the second floor of the venue, there’s a nursery room closed off with screens. Next to it, you can find toilets and a water dispenser. The nursery room has desks, chairs, and toys and games.


Aalto open is a free open WLAN, no separate credentials required.


Kandidaattikeskus is an accessible building, but the accessible routes to some rooms are long. See also page Accessiblity.


Smoking is allowed only at the designated smoking area, outside entrance Z.

The programme

The theme this year is Hope and Resilience. The event will have the familiar mix of program items: panel discussions, lectures, presentations, art, theatre, and cinema. There is an academic track.

A part of the programme is in English; those events are marked with the tag English. Also, the vast majority of Finncon participants are fluent in English.

There are also dealers’ tables that offer books, art, and other speculative fiction paraphernalia for sale.


The masquerade is a central part of Finncon tradition and has been organised as part of the Finncon programming since 1989! This year the Masquerade also includes a show from the nerdiest choir in Helsinki, Another Castle.

Pre-register for the masquerade by Thursday, 7 July, by sending a message to You can also register during the event itself, at the information desk, by 12:00 on Saturday.

Sci-fi Flea Market

The sci-fi flea market is located in the downstairs main lobby, and is open during the convention’s opening hours. Come browse the selection and make fantastics finds at second-hand prices.

Please note that if you have books for sale at the flea market, you must pick up the ones left unsold by 15:30 on Sunday, unless you’d like to donate them to the organizing associations.

Artist Alley

The Finncon Artist Alley is located in the downstairs main lobby. There you can find art prints, jewellery, self-published works, and much more.

Workshops and readings

The convention’s programming includes workshops and readings. The latter replace the Kaffeeklatsches of previous Finncons. Check the registration for workshops and readings from the information desk. Here are the currently planned English-language workshops and readings:


Finncon’s official photographer, Henry Söderlund, will be going around the venue taking pictures of the event.

Evening party

Saturday’s evening party is being held in the home base of the Espoo mafia homebase, restaurant Harakanpesä (Leppävaara, Leipurinkuja 2). From the convention venue, bus 550 is the easiest way to get there by public transport. See the walking map from the Leppävaara station stop of bus 550.

The entrance fee is €10, except €7 for supporting members.

The Helmet library

The convention has an information desk of the Helsinki metropolitan area library system, Helmet. The desk is open on Saturday at 12:00–18:00 and on Sunday at 10:00–16:00.

The library info desk offers awesome book recommendations as well as information on the Helmet libraries in general. You can also play board games there.

The Otaniemi Library is located a short distance away from Kandidaattikeskus, at Tietotie 6, and is also open during these hours. The library services are operating normally, so you can just go in and borrow books. Issuing library cards is also possible.

During Finncon, you may try out VR headsets at the Otaniemi library, and get acquainted with the VR world of public libraries in “Metsänhaltija sanojen jäljillä.”

Welcome to the Helmet information desk and the Otaniemi library!

Travel and accommodation


Helsinki is reachable by air, sea, and land. Within Helsinki, Espoo, and the surrounding area, it’s easiest to use the excellent public transport system, run by HSL. For buying tickets and for route planning, you can install the HSL app on your phone, available at Google Play and the Apple App Store. The HSL route planner is also available on the web (enter Otakaari 1, Espoo, as the destination).

Get it on Google Play
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The venue is very close to the Aalto University metro station, and to the Aalto University (M) bus stop, served by bus routes 52, 111, 510, 550, and 555. After the metro stops running (at about 23:30), the night bus line 108N runs along Otakaari, between Westendinasema in Espoo and Kamppi in central Helsinki.


The convention has no deals with any hotels, so each participant has to arrange their own accommodation. There are many hotels in Espoo and in Helsinki. The ones closest to the convention venue, each about a 10-minute walk from it, are:

Others can be found via reservation sites, such as Booking.comEbookersExpediaHotels.comMomondoTrivago, or Visit-plus.

Contact information

Phone numbers

  • Info phone: +358 44 946 2860 — also reachable via WhatsApp — in use 27 June to 17 July
  • Security: +358 41 480 8873
  • Reporting harassment (see Code of Conduct): +358 41 492 8983

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