Code of Conduct

Please inform security officers or event organizers of any accidents, disturbances, or other problems immediately. Behaviour that is inappropriate or opposed to our Code of Conduct will be addressed, and if necessary security officers will contact authorities.

All instructions given by security officers, event organizers, or authorities, need to be followed in all situations.

Security officers have the right to remove from the event any attendee who is behaving in a disruptive or otherwise uncooperative manner.

These rules are not meant to prevent or restrain attendees from having fun at the convention. This Code of Conduct also does not list every prohibited behaviour.

General information

Finncon is open to everyone. Discrimination is against Finnish law. Please behave accordingly.

In case of emergency

If there is an emergency, please contact the Information desk (+358 44 946 2860) or the Lead Security Officer (+358 41 480 8873) immediately. They will call for help if needed.

However, in case of an acute emergency, call the emergency number 112 first, and then inform the event organizers as well.

Harassment policy

Finncon has a separate team dedicated to harassment situations. If you should encounter or witness any sort of harassment, let the nearest security officer or the information desk know.

You may also call our harassment contact persons (+358 41 492 8983).

You can also contact any of the event organizers, who may then escalate the case forward.

The venue

Littering, making a mess, or breaking things at the venue is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to access areas that are closed off to the public.

It is not allowed to touch or tamper with any covered equipment or furniture, nor move any furniture or other items being used to block off areas.

It is not allowed to put up advertisements, notices, or similar materials or objects on the venue walls. Cleaning fees will be billed to the person breaking the rules.

Efficient recycling and sorting of waste is part of the sustainability strategy of Aalto University. Please use the correct trash receptacles according to trash type.

Cosplay, props, and weapon replicas

We ask that all attendees moving around with big props and items, proceed with extra caution and be mindful of their surroundings and other attendees. All weapon replicas that are bigger than a lightsaber should be left in the cloakroom located in the downstairs lobby.

Bringing any items to the event, that are weapons or resemble weapons is prohibited as a rule. These items include airsoft weapons, other weapon replicas, decorative swords, all kinds of edged weapons, as well as any item that can be interpreted as a weapon, or closely resembles one.

This decision is based on the 10th article of the Public Order Act, which prohibits weapons and objects which closely resemble weapons from public venues.

We will prioritize safety and avoid ending up in the evening news.

During the Masquerade, competitors are allowed to carry and showcase a weapon that is part of their costume. Safety and caution need to be taken into account also during performances.

The use of pyrotechnics is prohibited.

Due to the ongoing global situation, we also want to take into consideration attendees who may have faced war. Because of this, the use of authentic military costumes, or costumes resembling them, is not allowed.

Passages and walkways

Blocking or obstructing passages and walkways is not allowed.

Do not sit on staircases, so we may avoid traffic and congestion.

Alcohol and other intoxicants

The possession and imbibing of alcoholic beverages and other intoxicants at the venue and its near vicinity is strictly prohibited. If necessary, security officers may confiscate intoxicants from attendees and remove attendees causing disturbances from the event.

There is no sale of alcohol at the venue.


The university campus is a non-smoking zone. Smoking is not allowed in any of the indoor spaces of the venue. The smoking ban also applies to electronic cigarettes.

There is a designated smoking area outside, near the Z-entrance.